1. Ownership – Privately held Garys Coin & Stamps, Inc. was established more than a decade ago in accordance with state law. We can guarantee your privacy in all transactions because we are not associated with the US government or any other government body.

2. Collection Gary’s Coins is always ready to help you choose coins for your collection or portfolio. However, you are aware that ultimately it is up to you to decide whether to buy coins and which ones.

3. Numismatic Return Privilege – Unless otherwise specified at the time of the transaction, you may return any numismatic coins you order from us, in their original holders, within 14 days after delivery for a full refund. During this time, pay close attention to how your coins look and feel. Your numismatic coin order must be returned to Garys Coins within 14 days of receipt, registered and insured via the U.S. Postal Service, in the same condition as when it was received.

4. Returns On Bullion Coins Coins that we classify as “bullion” cannot be returned or exchanged. All sales of these bullion coins are final. Unless the client is informed otherwise due to extraordinary market conditions present at the time of the sale, bullion orders are typically shipped within 7–14 days of financing.

5. Grading & Authenticity – As they are based on criteria and interpretations that can and do vary over time, grades and descriptions of rare coins are statements of opinion rather than guarantees or statements of truth. ANACS, Professional Coin Grading Service, Numismatic Guaranty Corp., and other independent grading agencies are used by Garys Coins to grade coins in accordance with current grading standards and interpretations. The coin business values the competence of each of these grading services. Each company backs the grade and authenticates each coin. In order to sell coins, Garys Coins depends on these guarantees. We cannot promise that the coins we sell will always receive the same grade from independent grading services.

6. Volatility – The coin market is unstable and undercapitalized, making it occasionally susceptible to considerable changes, including sharp and sudden spikes and drops in value. Investors need to be able to accept the risk of these price swings. Because of this, not everyone should invest in rare coins.

7. Investment Potential – Many rare coins have demonstrated an outstanding track record as appreciating investments since 1970, when somewhat accurate statistics have been kept. Although Austin Rare Coins thinks rare coins make excellent long-term investments, nothing is ever certain. Future events cannot be predicted, just hinted at by the performance of coins in the past. Additionally, without consideration to their potential as investments, many coins are bought, sold, and traded by the coin collecting community.

8. Unregulated State of the Rare Coin Market – At present, there are no restrictions or regulations on the sale, purchase, or ownership of rare coins. This fact provides certain tax and privacy advantages. However, there is no guarantee that, in the future, these benefits will not be restricted or totally removed by government regulation.

9. Economic Forces – The success of an investment in rare coins is dependent, at least in part, upon extrinsic economic forces including supply, demand, international monetary conditions, and inflation or the expectation of inflation. The impact of these forces on the value of coins cannot be predicted with any certainty. No assurance can be given that an investor will be able to sell his or her coins at a price greater than or equal to their acquisition cost. Further, rare coins are not suitable investments for investors seeking current income.

10. Bid Price – If you wish to sell your coins in the future, Austin Rare Coins encourages you to offer them to us first. We cannot guarantee to make a bid on every coin or that our bid will equal or exceed that of other coin dealers.

11. Austin Pricing – Because of expenses associated with the acquisition and sale of rare coins, which are not involved in other investments, the gross margins charged by a coin dealer are typically higher than those associated with some other investments. Therefore, rare coins should be considered as long-term investments with a holding period of at least three to five years. However, there is no guarantee that the holding of a coin, for any period, will result in appreciation.

12. Representations – Information and statistics used in the preparation of Austin Rare Coins advertising materials, letters, and oral presentations are derived from industry sources that we believe to be reliable. Any statements or predictions by our staff are opinions only, not statements of fact. Remember that market conditions are subject to change without notice and no guarantee of accuracy is either expressed or implied.

13. Arbitration – Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to transactions between you and Austin Rare Coins, Inc. shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association conducted in Austin, Texas. Judgment upon the award rendered by the Arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

14. Limitations on Claims – No claim may be filed by a customer in connection with a particular coin more than one year after that coin was purchased by the customer regardless of when the customer became aware of the claim. This agreement is performable in and subject to the laws of Travis County, Texas.

15. Verification.  All orders are subject to approval and final verification by Austin Rare Coins, Inc.

16. Matching Address.  On all credit card orders, the shipping address and billing address must match.

17. First Time Order Limit With Credit Card.  We have a strict limit for first-time clients using a credit card of $2,500. If you would like to place a larger order, call us at 1-800-928-6468 and speak to one of our advisors to pay by personal check or bank wire.